Luin Linnod

Short for a Half-Elf, with red hair more appropriate for a Human of his mother's lineage.


Level 1 Druid / Level 1 Ranger


Druid Ranger
235 235


0 7 0 14 0


Strength Hit Prob. Damage Adjust. Weight Allow. Max. Press Open Doors Bend Bars/Lift Gates
16 N +1 70 195 9 10%
Dexterity Reaction Adjust. Missile Attack Adjust. Defense Adjust.
17 +2 +2 -3
Constitution HP adjustment System Shock Resurrection Survival Poison Save Regeneration
18 +2 99% 100% 0 N
Intelligence # Languages Max Arcane Apell Lv. Chance/Learn Arcane spell Max. Spells/Lv. Illusion Immunity
13 3 6th 55% 9
Wisdom Mag def adjust. Bonus Divine Spells Spell Failure Spell Immunity
18 +4 2,2,1,1, 0%
Charisma Max.# Henchmen Loyalty Base Reaction Adjust
16 8 +4 +5



  • Front = 6
  • Rear = 10
  • No Shield = 6
  • No Dex = 10
  • Flat Footed = 10


  • 24




  • Base = 20
  • 2-hand Fighting = 20
  • Ranged = 18


Weapon Damage(S) Damage(M) Thac0 Short Range Medium Range Long Range
Hand Axe 1d6? +1(Str) 1d4 +1(Str) 20 10 20 30
Dagger 1d4 +1(Str) 1d3 +1(Str) 20 10 20 30
Short Bow 1d8 +1(Str) 1d8 +1(Str) 18 30? 60? 90?


  • +1(Str)


Head Body Shield Magic
none none none none

Saving Throws

Paralyzation, Poison, Death = 10

Rod, Staff, Wand = 14

Petrification, Polymorph = 13

Breath Weapon = 16

Spell = 15(+4 to illusions)

Special Abilities


Stealth Base Armor Racial Dex Total
Hide 10% +5(no armor) +5(racial) +5(Dex) 25%(total)
Move Silently 15% +10(no armor) +0(racial) +5(Dex) 30%(total)



  • Short Bow
  • Scimitar
  • Dagger
  • Short Sword
  • club
  • staff


  • Tracking
  • Hunting
  • Survival
  • Healing
  • Spellcraft
  • Religion
  • Riding, Land-based
  • Artistic Ability (Flute)


  • Elvish
  • Human
  • Druid’s secret language
  • Goblinoid


  • Woodsman’s clothes
  • Backpack
  • (B)Several Leaves of Paper
  • (B)50’ Rope, hemp
  • (B)Fishooks, 3
  • (B)Flint
  • (B)Whetstone
  • Wineskin *


Lev.1 (3/day) Lev.2 (0/day) Lev.3 (0/day) Lev.4 (0/day) Lev.5 (0/day) Lev.6 (0/day) Lev.7 (0/day)
Cure Light Wounds
Faerie Fire


Neutral Good


Obad-Hai, Ehlonna, Corellon Larethian, Pelor, Wee Jas, Atroa(spring goddess), Sotillion(summer goddess), Wenta(autumn goddess), Telchur(winter goddess), Beony(goddess of rain), Velnius(god of weather), Umberlee the bitch queen(goddess of the sea), Merikka & Beri (farming goddess & god), Geshtai(god of freshwater on land), Bralm(goddess of insects).


I come from Ascea Aear, an Elvish port town in the North West. My human mother, Sigrid, long suffered from a degenerative condition which eventually led to her lingering death. The condition affected her fertility so 21 years ago her instinctive desire to reproduce, made more urgent by her sense of her own impending death led her to the arms of an elf, my father Orodben. She died when I was ten. The knowledge of death was just another factor separating me from the fully elvish or human children in the town so it was easy for me to retreat with my father to the wilderness. There he taught me the ways of the wild, the skills of the ranger, and respect for the divine in the merciless cycle of life and death. At 19 when I had shown proper understanding of the beauty of nature, the balance of life and death, the power of being able to take life, and the respect to not take it when not absolutely necessary, and the wisdom to make choices that do not disrupt the balance, I was introduced and inducted into the order of Druids by my father.

My mother racked had up a great deal of debts from her medical expenses in the human world, where money is prized more highly than life. My father did not necessarily neglect these debts, but our income is meager and he cannot bring himself to kill a mink for its fur so he can pay off what he sees as a blood ransom from vultures on the love of his life. The bounty hunters that caught me would have come after my father if he were not in seclusion in the deep forest in preparation for an important ritual in the Druid order. I was caught when I came to town to trade for arrows and metal tools, the kinds of things you can’t get in the woods.

Luin Linnod

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