Wizards of Scythia

Catching Up With the Dwarf
Where'd all the people go?

Bullhammer the Dwarf woke up in the bar when a punk thief tried to steal his mace. Bullhammer tried punching the thief, but was too hungover to make a connection. The thief panicked and ran into some furniture, then made his way to the door. Bullhammer realized his gold was missing and he got mad. Once he caught up with the thief, Bullhammer struck a mighty blow and the thief’s chest was caved in. Nobody in the bar wanted anything to do with an enraged dwarf, but the Bartender, Bob, finally walked over with an axe in his hand and asked Bullhammer what the trouble was. Bullhammer demanded to know who stole the gold. Bob explained that a local ruffian name Karl had been hanging out around Bullhammer’s table and, on a separate note, that the rest of Bullhammer’s party had left early that day.

Bullhammer decided to hunt down the thieves, who had left the bar just about a half hour prior. He stepped out into the early night and went in search of Karl’s shack. It was easy to find the old shacks on the southern fringe of town. As soon as Bullhammer approached a group of shacks a couple shady characters ducked inside. Bullhammer scouted out the shack and blocked the back exit with a crate. He then went around to the front door and pounded on the door, demanding that the thieves give back his gold. A single nervous voice answered saying that he didn’t know what the dwarf was talking about. The man inside asked Bullhammer to leave. Bullhammer asked the man how many people were there, and the man said he was alone. Bullhammer had had enough and decided to bash down the door. He crashed into a small shack and was set on by four thieves. Unfortunately, Bullhammer seemed to have trouble hitting the stealthy fellows, and he was brought to the ground bleeding, but not before he had killed one of the thieves. The thieves’ leader, who turned out to be Karl, stabbed Bullhammer through the heart and that was the end of the dwarf….or was it?

Bullhammer awoke in a ditch in the fields behind the shacks. He wasn’t quite sure how he got there or why he was able to wake up, but he did notice that all of his gear, except his underwear, had been stripped off. He hurt like hell, but seemed to be in one piece. It was early morning and Bullhammer decided to go to the shop and see if Gregor could help him out. He stopped at Karl’s shack to see if there was any chance of recovering his belongings. Luckily, the thieves had partied hard with their earnings, and Karl was passed out on a table and snoring loudly. Since nobody seemed to be stirring, Bullhammer walked back in and grabbed Karl’s sword. He held it up to Karl’s throat and yelled at the thieves to wake up, but only one thief seemed able to wake up. This thief couldn’t believe his eyes and yelled, “We killed you! I saw Karl put his sword through your chest!” Bullhammer yelled angrily, “I am indestructible!” and the thief fled in terror. Bullhammer managed to recover all of his gear and some of his money. He took a note off of Karl’s still unconscious body. The note was in cryptic common. The best Bullhammer could figure was that Karl worked for some boss and was supposed to report back to the boss soon. Not sure what he was getting into, Bullhammer decided to leave Karl alone and he marched back to the tavern.

Bob’s wife was opening up the tavern and offered to get Bullhammer breakfast, since the Gregor didn’t open the general store until 9a.m. Bullhammer ate and then visited Gregor. He asked about the party’s whereabouts and Gregor surmised that the party was going to meet back at Marvin’s Tower. Gregor also explained that thieves tended to come and go in the town, but it was well known that Karl had a small band of hoodlums and that he probably worked for a bigger boss. Gregor told Bullhammer to visit the local constable if he wanted to get paid to chase down the thieves. Gregor also told Bullhammer that people occasionally told Gregor about tasks that needed doing and Gregor would hire adventurers to complete these tasks. Gregor told Bullhammer about Bob’s quest for the recipes of a famous brewmaster. He also suggested that Bullhammer come back to visit if he ever wanted this job or any other extra work.

Bullhammer borrowed some paper and wrote a threatening note to Karl, which he hand delivered. Karl was still passed out on the table, so Bullhammer slipped the note under Karl’s head and left. He gathered up his gear and his goats and he walked back to Marvin’s tower. Once there he realized the party had left without him. He followed their trail north for a day.

The Party's First Task
Bartering With Wizards

The party woke up in a state of confusion and nausea, as though from a night of heavy drinking. They were wearing nothing but plain white apprentice robes and had no other equipment. After being shuffled into Marvin the Wizard’s meeting room, they mostly stood around in a daze as Marvin informed them that their first task was to go northwest and retrieve a black chestnut jewelery box that his former wizard competitor had owned. “It contains something valuable”, he said.

Luin Linnod did his best to coax more information from the wizard, but Marvin turned out to be cranky and absent-minded. He tolerated the questions, but wasn’t terribly helpful. He didn’t really seem to care much if some of the party members died off, so long as they returned the box. Eventually Luin convinced Marvin to forward their monthly pay in order that the party could procure some equipment. Most of the party members agreed to this arrangement. The Half-Ogre, Quarky, merely ripped the leg off of a table to use as a club. Gladenberry, the Gelfling, wasn’t paying attention and did not seem too concerned about equipment. Marvin took a ten percent cut. When Marvin refused to part with an extra spell book for any reasonable sum, Beta Ray Ken made some snide comments. Marvin threatened to wipe him out of existence and Beta Ray eventually stopped baiting him. Marvin got bored with the conversation and had his ogre-ish assistants shuffle the party out the door.

The party did some initial scouting of the area and determined that a party composed of almost exactly the same types of people as in their own group had traveled in a northwest direction quite a long time ago. Not sure what to make of this, the party members decided to ignore it for now and headed to Marvintown. In Marvintown the party made met Gregor. Gregor owned the only tavern and the best general store in the area. He spoke with different party members and sold them equipment at reasonable rates. Gregor didn’t know anything about a wizard that used to live northwest of Marvin’s tower, but he figured that there were a number of ruins all throughout the Gaptooth Mountains. Beta Ray Ken started making trouble with Gregor and Mulligan rescued him from a certain beating. The party went to the tavern for a while and asked the Bartender for more information about this tower. Nobody had heard of a second wizard’s tower in the area. The party agreed to meet back at Marvin’s tower in about a day.

Luin went looking for signs of druids in the surrounding area, but none were apparent. It was clear the surrounding countryside was rather tame.

The party met back at Marvin’s tower and realized that the dwarf had disappeared. They decided that the dwarf could look out for himself and continued to search for the ruined tower. A day and a half of following the prior party’s trail led them to a clearing in the woods. The ruined shell of a tower dominated the scene. There was very little left of the tower except its outer walls, a couple partial floors, and the cellar. Luin quickly discovered skeletons of orcs and of the previous party which had apparently met its end here. He also noticed a strange winged monkey staring down at him from atop the tower ruins. The monkey looked at them with a knowing gaze and then took to the air and flew off east.

Luin and Slim, the elf thief, discovered a trap door in the basement. It opened into a dark hallway. Beta Ray Ken cast light on a gold coin so that Quarky could use it to see down the hall. Quarky set off several arrow traps that plunked into his thick flesh, but they didn’t hurt that much, so Quarky kept walking to the end of the hallway. The hallway opened up into a large cavern that had been smoothed in places by humanoid hands. A quickly-moving stream flowed from the left hand wall, under a bridge, and to the right. The bridge was clearly old and rickety, and it was too small for Quarky. Luin saw some animal-looking figure crouching at the far wall. He thought it might be a bear, so he move carefully over the bridge and approached it. Unfortunately, the animal turned out to be an old decrepit minotaur. The minotaur charged Luin and barely missed him with a massive head butt.

Meanwhile, Beta Ray decided the bridge might not be safe. He asked Quarky to throw him across the river. Unfortunately, Beta Ray forgot that Quarky is strong, mean, and stupid. Quarky launched Beta Ray with all of his considerable strength and Beta Ray plowed into the ground on the opposite bank. He was severely pummeled by his crash landing and couldn’t move. Mulligan ran to his aid while Quarky and Kevin laughed. Slim snuck across the bridge behind Bella. Gladenberry took a running start, jumped high in the air, and glided across the river. She poked Beta Ray with her finger and asked him if he was okay.

Meanwhile, Luin began facing off with the Minotaur.

The Adventure Will Soon Begin
Day 0

The party members are gathered together for the first time in Martin’s Tower awaiting the beginning of their peculiar adventures.


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